City Mayor

Baby Armi Lazaro Alvarez was born on June 15, 1953, at Central Luzon Agricultural University, now known as Central Luzon State University. She is the fourth and eldest female child of Prof. Isaac Alvarez and Mrs. Luz Alvarez, and sister to Honorable Efren Alvarez, H.D., and Honorable Nestor Alvarez, Ph.D. She studied at Bagong Sikat Elementary School together with her siblings. In high school, she became the first muse of San Sebastian School. She participated in a variety of sports, particularly softball and volleyball. She served as a pitcher and libero. She also participated in artistic endeavors such as performing in a musical theater play and folk dance presentations. In her spare time, she volunteered to teach Catechism to her fellow students and served as a Girl Scout Leader throughout high school. She actively participated in cultural, social, and academic activities as a student. She graduated from the Philippine Women’s University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and took up her master’s degree in the same school.

Mayor Armi is proud of her humble beginnings. As a child, she and her siblings assisted their mother at the Muñoz Public Market, where she sold colorful fabrics while her brother, Mayor Nestor, sold adobong mani. This experience taught her the value of hard work, discipline, and diligence at a young age. It also taught her altruism toward strangers, which later inspired her to enter social work as a way of giving back the kindness they received.

The Alvarez family has always been regarded as good-hearted and selfless people. To this day, many can attest the time they lived in Central Luzon State University, where they provided free hot meals and lodging for those in need. Prof. Isaac Alvarez’s career as an instructor in the university inspired his children to value education, while Mrs. Luz Alvarez imparted perseverance to achieve their dreams. Together, they instilled in their children the desire to help without expecting anything in return and encouraged them to be aware of the hardship and struggle of others to become the change they wanted to see in the world.

The Alvarez children grew up with these ideals engraved in their hearts. Mayor Efren Alvarez instigated the transition of Muñoz to the Science City of Muñoz—the first ever Science City to be recognized in the Philippines—by fostering research and development agencies, commerce, and Agro-industry. Mayor Nestor Alvarez continued the legacy by expanding economic and scientific programs designed to help trade and agriculture. He is renowned for being a fervent patron of the arts. He discovered dance groups that continue to represent the city in competitions both locally and internationally. They have also cultivated tourism, arts, and culture in the city through the well-known Uhay festival, which is celebrated every year from early December to January.

After the unfortunate passing of her mother, Mayor Armi had to work abroad to support her siblings and her only daughter, Vanessa Alvarez Cabahug. As a woman of color, she encountered horrific discrimination during this time, but she never gave up. Instead, she took the ordeals as an inspiration to work even harder and improve her skills, eventually earning the role of Director in the institution she worked on.

Despite the success she achieved in her career; however, she never forgot her roots. She always searched for ways to help her fellow Muñozonians. While her brothers Mayor Efren and Mayor Nestor, enriched the scientific and agricultural development of the Science City of Munoz, she initiated various medical missions and feeding programs. These programs include inviting doctors and nurses from Australia to the Philippines to exchange knowledge and help train medical personnel to handle worst-case scenarios better. She initiated medical programs that helped in operating children and persons with disabilities.

Mayor Armi aims to focus on the social and health aspects of the community. One of her main goals is to have the Ospital ng Lungsod Agham ng Munoz (OSLAM) recognized as a general hospital. She wants to improve medical missions through organizing help for palliative care patients, supporting cancer patients, and expanding dialysis centers.

She plans on continuing existing health programs such as providing free anti-rabies shots, dental care, and different assistive devices. She also wants to lead campaigns that will prioritize mental health awareness.

Apart from these, she intends to improve the economy by inviting small and medium enterprises to invest in the city, which will help with the production of jobs and businesses. She aspires to foster cooperatives and improve our agricultural programs which include seminars and training sessions that will be open for everyone who aspires to gain knowledge and skills. She hopes to establish the first ever one-stop business hub in the Science City of Muñoz.

She is an environmental advocate who strongly believes in making the Science City a more ecofriendly community. She aspires to promote ecological awareness and inspire the Muñozonians to take better care of their surroundings.

Having been an active athlete and a performer in her youth, she also wants to build a sports complex and modern convention center to boost Muñozonian’s athleticism and talent in the arts. She plans to work closely with law enforcement officers in leading programs that will help maintain the peace and security of the citizens of the city

Mayor Armi is the first female mayor ever elected, and she pledges to commit to the promise of bettering the lives of Muñozonians and pursuing the continuous growth of the Science City of Muñoz.