Clearances, Permits, Licenses
Issuance of Mayor’s Clearance
Issuance of Mayor’s Permit
Issuance of Receipts for Business License
Issuance of Real Property Receipts
Issuance of Real Property Tax Clearance
Issuance of Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA)
Issuance of Business Permit Certification Franchise and Parking Fee
Civil Registry Services
Registration of Birth, Death, Marriage
Application for Marriage License
Solemnization of Marriage by The City Mayor
Application for Delayed Registration of Birth, Death, Marriage
Application for Petition for Correction of Clerical Error, Change of Firstname
Out of Town Reporting of Birth
Requisition of Certified True Copy of Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates
Advance Endorsement of Newly Registered Civil Registry Documents to NSO
Legitimation Acknowledgment of Paternity Pursuant to RA 9255
Registration and Endorsement of Court Order
Tax Services
Issuance of Certified True Copies of Tax Declarations
Issuance of Tax Declarations of New Owner for Lands
Issuance of Tax Declarations of New Owner for Improvements
Issuance of Related Certification
Social Welfare Services
Issuance of Senior Citizen’s ID and Purchase Booklet
Issuance of Social Case Study Report
Issuance of CSWD Solicitation Permit
Issuance of Pre Marriage Counseling Certificate
Issuance of PhilHealth Form
Issuance of Assessments for Minors Traveling Abroad
Issuance of Persons with Disability ID and Purchase Booklet
Issuance of AID for Individual in Crisis Situation
Engineering Services
Building Permit Application and Issuance
Issuance of Electrical Certification
Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy
Agricultural, Veterinary and Environmental Services
Branding of Large Animals
Issuance of Health Certificate
Vaccination of Small and Large Animal
Procurement of Seeds
Budgetary Services
Obligation of AICS Vouchers
Assist Barangay Officials in The Preparation of Annual Budget
Health Services
Issuance of Medical Certificate
Cases of Death Certificate – Certification and Review Opening of The Niche and Transfer
Issuance of Health and Sanitary Permit for Business
Animal Bite (Dog, Cat, Rat)
TB Program
Maternal and Child Health
URTI, UTI, STI, AGE, ARI, EOR, HPN, Allergy, B’Asthma, IDA